Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aidilfitri Special Edition

Men's Muslim Wear Moses ref.KMOES (S), KMOEM (M), KMOEL (L), KMOEXL (XL) RM 95.oo

Boy's Muslim Wear Devinette ref. KDVTXS (XS), KDVTS (S), KDVTM (M), KDVTL (L), KDVTXL (XL), KDVTXXL (XXL) RM 70.oo

Color Green. Fabric 100% cotton

Tunique Kirana ref. TKRNS (S), TKRNM (M), TKRNL (L), TKRNXL (XL) RM 100.oo

Tunique Avion ref TAVOXS (XS), TAVOS (S), TAVOM (M), TAVOL (L), TAVOXL (XL), TAVOXXL (XXL) RM 80.oo
Tunique in maroon colour with combination of dark green embroidery. 100% cotton
Long Dress Zania ref LDZANS (S), LDZANM (M), LDZANL (L), LDZANXL (XL) RM 100.oo

Denim long dress in dark blue colour, long sleeve, belt in waist, pocket in the top and metal button opening in front, cuff sleeve and pocket. Body length 132cm
Long Tunique Iryna ref LTIRYS (S), LTIRYM (M), LTIRYL (L), LTIRYXL (XL) RM 95.oo
Long tunique knitting in bergundy colour, long sleeve, with blue chambray combination in front
Caftan Kaylina ref KLYAL (L), KLYAXL (XL), KLYAXXL (XXL), KLYAXXXL (XXL) RM 85.oo
Caftan in bat wing style, big volume, v neck, poly rayon knitting, flowers embrodery on beige contras in the neck part
Caftan Nidya ref KNDYL (L), KNDYXL (XL), KNDYXXL (XXL), KNDYXXXL (XXXL) RM 150.oo
Long caftan, in big volume, long sleeve in bat wing style, shanghai neck, woven dobby poly rayon, embrodery details on the beige contras in the placket and under collar
Muslim Praying Beads Ariana ref TASBIH5 RM 25.oo
Blouse Rennes ref BRNNS (S), BRNNM (M), BRNNL (L), BRNNXL (XL) RM 80.oo
with unique print details in black and brown for a dressy and femine look!! 100% Poly. 
Body Length : 77 cm
Long Dress Pusan ref LDPUS (S), LDPUM (M), LDPUL (L), LDPUXL (XL) RM 95.oo
Long dress with unique print, asimetris sleeves: details left sleeves shorter than the right sleeves. Makes you different in style. 100% poly. Body length 137 cm
Jeans Holie ref JHOL27 (Size 27), JHOL28, JHOL29, JHOL30, JHOL31, JHOL32, JHOL33 RM 130.oo

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